Too late for Fall 2011? Please help!

<p>Hey guys! I'm new here and need your help as fast as possible please!</p>

<p>Are there any programs still available for study abroad in Fall 2011? I am a college student. I don't have any preference other than maybe taking social science/biology classes and the program not requiring a very high gpa or credentials. If i were forced to take a language it would be Hindi. Hindi.</p>

<p>Again, I don't care about the location yet. I would just like a list of websites or know how to find programs and go from there. I know the deadlines have passed but I have found a few still open. </p>

<p>If you could PLEASE help me out by providing links and info, I would appreciate it so much! Thank you.</p>

<p>Bump, please offer advice if possible!</p>

<p>My advice is to forget this fall. A semester abroad takes much planning and thought put into finding the best program that complements your major and future career plans. D3 left for West Africa last week. The process of selecting the appropriate program, getting approval for her proposed classes from her major advisor, her advisor for her minor, and her honors college advisor, and the appropriate visa, immunizations, and prescriptions for antimalarials began over a year ago.</p>