too late to add another college?

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>My counselor has already sent my transcripts to the colleges I'm applying to. However, my parents want me to add an additional college to my list. Will I have to ask my counselor to send my transcript to this college as well----this college is also on common app and I'm not sure if the transcript is already on common app or sent directly to the college.</p>


<p>Yea, you can check if your transcript is on common app if you go to the School forms tab and you see that your councilor has filled out your Secondaty School report. If it has been done you may apply to more schools, and have them be complete on time.</p>

<p>however, if you find that you need them to be sent via snail mail. You can submit the commonapp+supplement+satscores+recomendations on time. Then when you come back from winter break, your councilor can send your transcripts which will complete the application. Most schools have a grace period, in which applicants can complete their applications and correct information. Hope this was helpful :')</p>

<p>Awesome! thx @ hcodude!!! Your response was really thorough & helpful</p>