Too late to appeal financial aid?

<p>Quick question- do you think it would be too late to appeal my financial aid decision? Initially, my parents thought they could handle it, but it turns out they misread the letter; so now they are urging me to appeal. </p>

<p>The scholarship was pretty generous by Emory's standard's-- it covered about half-- but our EFC is 3k ish. Our family's annual income is around 70k, but we do own some property (our last house that we haven't been able to sell)</p>

<p>If it is too late, I suppose I'll have to keep desperately looking for scholarships, or take out loans or something... sigh. I wished we'd figured this out a few months ago when I had other options!</p>

<p>Yes you can still appeal. Just call the office and talk to your FA adviser. The Fafsa EFC does not include assets, but the css profile does. So your actual EFC I am sure was more than 3 k.</p>