Too late to apply?

<p>I am hearing back from places and am getting deffered from a few, mainly because I put engineering as my major with poor engineering stats....</p>

<p>If a applied now as undecided would I realistically hav a shot being oos, 1220 SAT, 3.1 (or 3.2 I can't remember) uw and 4.0ish w?</p>

<p>No it's not too late to apply. Your GPA is on the low side and your test scores aren't overly impressive to make up for that so your chances may be low but it never hurts to apply!</p>

<p>Take a look at the US News Engineering rankings, find some schools that have relatively high acceptance rates and send some applications in (that would be my suggestion)</p>

<p>I'm not trying to be an engineering major anymore. I just got rejected Maryland, deffered nc state, and got Altoona penn state. I have a butt ton of ECs, and my sat isn't that bad at all. Nor is my GPA. I have a feeling I ****ed up my chances by putting engineering. I'm gonna try Clemson, along with some others. Thank you though</p>

<p>Applying as undecided, 25.7th percentile. Not trying to be annoying but will someone let me know if I'm wasting money by applying</p>

<p>listen, I had the same GPA as you (but higher test scores). Don't give up on engineering just because a top tier school won't accept you. Someone will take you in, you can get your grades up and then transfer. You screwed your chances not by putting engineering but by applying for schools you didn't have a great chance of getting into. You need to find some schools that you would be happy at but you also have 90% certainty that you will get into with your high school GPA.</p>

<p>sorry if I'm being way too blunt about that here. I'm more than willing to help you come up with a list of schools that are still taking applications and that have a decent engineering major. Let me know if this is something you would want me to do for you.</p>

<p>I would look at Auburn (their application deadline is tomorrow though!)</p>

<p>Arizona State (automatically in if you have one of the following: Top 25% in high school graduating class, 3.0 GPA, 24 on ACT or 1110 on SAT)</p>

<p>Arizona State is #45 for engineering, Auburn is #56, Clemson is #56 (just to put things in perspective)</p>

<p>also try Purdue. They have a very high acceptance rate (69-70%) but they are a top 10 engineering program every year. Admissions is rolling so you can apply any time.</p>

<p>also look at: Minnesota, Ohio State (deadline is tomorrow!), Iowa, Colorado State (deadline is tomorrow!), Drexel (deadline is tomorrow!), Arizona, Michigan State, Iowa State</p>

<p>You've got tons of choices to look at left for engineering!</p>

<p>Haha I appreciate it Pierre. I thought it over a long time ago though and engineering isn't what I want to do anymore. Thank you for the list of schools though, opened my eyes a bit</p>

<p>haha well I hope that you were encouraged by the fact that there are still a bunch of schools out there that you got a shot at getting into</p>