Too late to interview?

<p>I am a senior in HS living in Pittsburgh, and I want to interview for Carnegie Mellon since they contacted my parents (CMU alum) saying they recommend I have one. However, I have heard Feb 1 is the last day to interview? Is this true? Since I live in the area, I would have an on-campus one, not one with an alum in another town. Is it okay to still schedule interview for the Fall 2012 term in say, March? Let me know, thanks a lot</p>

<p>It sounds like they want to determine your interest. You live in Pittsburgh but haven't interviewed. It shouldn't be too hard to take a couple hours out of your day and get the interview on campus. If you wait until March the decision may already be made and the interview wouldn't mean anything then. </p>

<p>When my S was applying to colleges one contacted his guidance counselor to determine his interest since he hadn't done an optional essay. At that time he had already been accepted to a couple colleges higher on his favorites list so he didn't complete it.</p>

<p>Again, if they contacted your family then they are likely gauging your interest.</p>

<p>I am actually very interested in CMU; I would love to attend. However, I was unaware of the importance of the interview to CMU, let alone that the date had already passed. I emailed the admissions office and they said it was too late. Not really sure what I should do now...</p>

<p>Did you visit the campus and talk to an admissions officer there? Or do you have it on record that you visited campus at any point?</p>

<p>both my parents being alum, they have taken me several times and shown me around themselves. i don't have any official tour or anything on my record.</p>

<p>If the admission office won't interview you, how about contacting an alumni interviwer in Pittsburg and have an I terview with them?</p>

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<p>just drop email to admissions to tell them that your parents are alums and you live in Pittsburgh. </p>

<p>IMO, Interviews are virtually useless for students who know what they want. Its a sales gimmick. College interviews can be bad for the school as much as they can be bad for the prospective student.</p>

<p>thanks for the replies. I personally agree. Wasn't going to interview until they personally contacted my parents... I guess I will give the admissions office a call and explain the situation!</p>

<p>You should definitely explain the situation because they count EVERY email and visit, and you would have nothing on record.</p>