Too late to withdraw SAT?

Hey, all. As Ivy Day grows closer and closer (and I grow more and more anxious, lol) I’m wondering if I should alter my Columbia application so that my SAT score isn’t considered–or if it’s too late to even do this at all.

For reference, I got a 1430 on the SAT (780 English, 650 Math), and this score got me accepted into Northeastern, SUNY Stony Brook, UCSB oos, Scripps, Bryn Mawr, and UMiami; waitlisted from Smith; and rejected from MIT, UCLA, USC, Tufts, Tulane, and Barnard.

Thoughts? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I believe it is too late. They have already made decisions. Good luck!

Too late. I am sure decisions are already made. Don’t stress. And University of CA schools were test blind and did not consider scores.

Okay, thank you both!

Five days away from announcements - they are done with decision making and are prepping communications.