Too Late?

<p>so, i haven't really started on my georgetown app cuz im a hardcore procrastinator and it says that the information sheet needs to be turned in asap. is it too late if it gets post mark dated by the deadline? thnx</p>

<p>yeah it's fine, i just sent that first part last week... i am a hardcore procrastinator as well, my app won't go out until tuesday morning :)</p>

<p>yeah don't worry i turned it in really recently. my app is going to the post office at 4:59 or so, so don't worry you're not the only procrastinator out there!! i've applied to 7 places so far and all of them i've turned in within 1 hour of the deadline, haha. i really need to stop that.</p>

<p>haha same i always turn it in on the day its due (well, as long as it's postmark, it's okay...) :) at least i express mail it so it should only take a day</p>