Too Late?

<p>I picked UGA over Duke for financial reasons but I just can't get over Duke! I'm not excited at all about going to University of Georgia even though I've been trying to convince myself that its for the best (financially). Indeed the financial reason is the ONLY reason I would go to UGA. But now I'm thinking more and more about loans and such.... I mean if my parents only paid half and I took the other half in loans it would be ok. Wish I'd thought about this sooner. I really need to know---- is it too late to call Duke back and tell them i REALLY REALLY do want to come?? Is there anything I can do?</p>

<p>If you are serious about it it's worth trying, especially if they are still taking people off of the waiting list. I would actually make sure it's a possibility though before you call, i.e. talk to your parents, the bank, etc. and decide that it's what you really want to do.</p>

<p>At least try, but only if you're going to say yes if accepted again.</p>

<p>oh great here i go again.... is the $50k per year really worth it to go to duke? esp. if i want to go to med afterwards? should i just go to uga and do really well and then go to an amazing med school? but what if i decide not to go into medicine...... ah, I'm so sorry that I'm freaking out like this--- Its just that I'm so horribly indecisive!</p>

<p>flat out - what would make you happiest? saving money, then good grad school? duke and spending more money, then probably good grad school? only you can answer that. do you think the cost will be worth the experience? do NOT go off others' opinions. in the end, it's really your choice, your life, your money, YOUR experience. good luck deciding! :)</p>

<p>maroon, I had the same sad state of indecision. I orginially deposited at Emory , had an extreme case of buyer's remorse, and called vanderbilt. they were very nice about it and let me switch, and even keep my scholarship.</p>

<p>just call duke. the good thing is, they are using their waiting list so that means they still have room left. However, wait list activity is coming to an end, so you better hustle.</p>

<p>as for your decision, honestly, duke is much more prestigious than UGA--not even the same ballpark. how much money did you get at UGA? I declined Duke (they gave a whopping $500 in financial aid), but only because I had huge scholarships to a couple top 20 schools. Honestly, I would go with Duke for pride issues. In reality, it doesn't matter where you go for undergrad if you're wanting to do medicine.</p>