Too late?

<p>How late is too late? I just finished my early application (well a week ago) and decided to look for other schools. I was not planning on applying to Michigan until after I get rejected from Yale. Is that going to a problem? Will it be a problem if I submit it in the next couple of weeks, or is it already too late? I hope not.</p>


<p>It isn't too late--and probably wouldn't be too late after December 15--but the earlier you apply, the better, as they have more places early on. Also, Michigan doesn't take the common app, so you have to write specific essays for them. I hope you'll get the news you want from Yale on December 15, but if by some chance you don't, the last thing you'll feel like doing is writing the Michigan essays then.</p>

<p>thanx editrix! Yeah they have 3 essays <em>eyes bulge out</em></p>

<p>Reading everyone's posts has made me really nervous about being late.... nothing I can do about it now though</p>

<p>WHat about the honors program- do I still have a chance for that?</p>

<p>If you are good enough to consider Yale, you probably have a decent shot at Michigan, so don't panic. And yes, anybody who is accepted into Michigan can be considered for the honors program, but hurry!!!</p>

<p>that's good to hear. Thanks for calming me down-- maybe I can get them done this weekend</p>