Too late?

<p>So I just finished my first year of college and I ve become increasingly interested in going to medical school, but the only pre-med requirement class that i have taken is calc 1. Now that I am about to enter my sophomore year having not taken Chem, Bio, Physics or anything, am I really behind? If so How can I schedule my next 2-3 years so that I can catch up. I can take summer classes the summer of my sophomore and junior year if needed, and I may be able to take a course this summer: hopefully I ll receive some advice prior to the end of the deadline for registration. Also do summer courses = 1 year equivalent of medical school requirements? Does it look worse to medical schools if you took some of your core requirements over the summer? When is the time frame for applying to med schools? Would it be bad if I applied at the end of my senior year? (I know on some websites it says applicants must have completed at least 3 years of college, does that mean most applicants are juniors?) If someone could outline my course schedule, and when i should take the MCATs it would be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>You still have time. You will need to assess your aptitude for science and lab classes as you go along and pace yourself. If you find that you need more time for the lab(time-consuming) courses you may need to apply the summer after you graduate and take a year off.</p>

<p>If you have a aptitude for science and and can keep the GPA up then this is what you should do:</p>

<p>Take a year of General Chemistry your sophomore year. Take Organic Chemistry with lab in the summer after your Sophomore year at a smaller program. This will probably last about eight weeks and will be the most difficult part. You live, eat and breath Orgo but when its over you are basically half done with pre-med requirements. </p>

<p>During your third year take pre-med biology and physics, if you feel that you can handle two lab courses. Schedule the MCAT for the mid-summer after some serious review course if possible. This will allow you to apply during your senior year.</p>

<p>During the senior year schedule some other science, with of without labs. This may be anatomy, physiology, biochem(no lab), or micro. Any of them will help you with the first year of med school. They are not so useful for the MCAT.</p>

<p>Don't overdue the hours in any one semester or quarter. it will sink your GPA and keeping it up is a must. Consider taking an elective class Pass/Fail if it helps take the time and pressure off some course that is not a med school or graduation requirement.</p>

<p>Major in a subject that you really enjoy. It will make studying easier, keep your GPA higher and you will have something to discuss at med school interviews. </p>

<p>If taking pre-med bio and physics with lab is too much science in one year, back the physics up to the senior year with a bio course without a lab, take the MCAT after a good review course late in your Sr. year, and use the following year after graduation to submit apps, interview, volunteer, travel, etc. </p>

<p>The process is a Marathon, not a Race.</p>

<p>You're not too late. </p>

<p>Many of your questions about summer classes, schedules, MCATs, applying to Med school, etc. are asked frequently and answers can be found in the sticky threads at the top of this forum or by using the Search function.</p>

<p>Its never too late, and you're not even that far behind. Just make sure to plan out your next few years well, and you'll be fine.</p>