Too many AP Classes?

<p>This year I am currently taking 4 AP classes as a sophomore. The AP classes are as follows: Calc BC, Psych, Euro, and Physics B. It's not really that much work, some days I would have absolutely nothing to do, and some days I would be up til 12 finishing up homework (major projects, etc..)... The main class that seems to be the most time consuming is AP Euro! </p>

<p>Now, the problem is at my school, and maybe in other schools too, APUSH is a lot more work than AP Euro... Next year as a junior I plan to take 5 APs: USH, lang and comp, stats, art history, and chemistry....</p>

<p>I know history classes take up most of my time... but junior year, I might possibly have two history classes: ush and art history... I don't want to overdo myself... but then again I really want to take all 5 of the AP classes. What should I do? Will I have too much work? What was your experiences?? Also if I somehow find time, I want to self-study physics C and take the AP exam just for college credit... But that's the least of my priorities..</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore too and I'm taking 5 APs [Cal AB, Lang/Comp, Chem, APUSH, Physics B] + 3 college courses [Critical Thinking now and Cal 2 + accounting next semester] and I also attend one of the hardest public schools in Texas. The only thing keeping me from going insane is that my APUSH teacher is too lenient.</p>

<p>But if you have good organization habits, you'll manage. But you'll probably have to sacrifice any social life whatsoever if you want to also put attention to ECs. I just do UIL and my Community service comes from teaching senior citizens how to use computers/Unofficial Retirement Home IT Dep. Work.</p>

<p>Protip: Don't do art history. APUSH will serve so much better than art history, so it's better to focus on that class. And only self study physics c if the teacher is pretty crappy.</p>

<p>many many students take APUSH. I won't say whether APUSH or art history is 'better' to take. my school doesn't offer art history, and, as an art lover and someone who plans to major in art history, I was really disappointed by this.</p>

<p>I took 5 APs in my junior year and had a job and several extra curriculars. It went alright. It is a LOT of APs to take though ... so don't take them for the sake of taking APs. Take the APs because you have interest in the subject. </p>

<p>My APs :</p>

<p>soph : Studio Art 3D [ 4 ]</p>

<p>Jr : Studio Art Drawing [ 5 ]
APUSH [ 5 ]
Chem [ 5 ]
Lang & Comp [ 5 ]
Chinese [ 5 ]</p>

<p>sr : Calc B/C
Physics B
English Lit</p>