Too Many APs?

<p>I'm a rising sophomore and I will be self-studying next year.</p>

<p>Are these APs too hard?</p>

<p>AP Spanish
AP World History
AP Human Geography (self-study)
AP Psychology (self-study)
AP Environmental Science (self-study)</p>

<p>Human Geography is a pretty big fit for me. I had a basic geography course as a freshman and it scratched the surface of the subject. </p>

<p>Spanish and World History were recommended for me by my counselor since I had taken Pre-AP Spanish and my grades were high.</p>


<p>After consideration, I have thought of taking these my following years. I am not sure if I'll take all of them. </p>

<p>Junior Year
English Language
Spanish Literature
US History
US Government and Politics (self-study)
Comparative Government and Politics (self-study)
Microeconomics (self-study)
Macroeconomics (self-study)
Chemistry (self-study)</p>

<p>Senior Year
Physics B
Calculus BC
English Literature
Biology (self-study?)
Statistics (self-study)
Computer Science A (self-study)
Physics C: Mechanics (self-study?)
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (self-study?)
European History (self-study?)</p>

<p>Is there a reason you want to self-study so many APs?</p>

<p>Anyway, I don't know too much about anything else but I heard AP Env Sci is easier after taking AP Bio. So I don't know, maybe you could switch something around? But that's just what I heard so don't quote me on that.</p>

<p>Good luck! :)</p>

<p>In your junior year, I think self-studying both micro and macroeconomics will be easy for you, but I'm not sure about comparative government and politics. I do NOT recommend self-studying chemistry unless you have taken/will be taking a really good chemistry class junior year.</p>

<p>Your self-studies senior year seem really intense. Biology and stats should be easy (just get cliffnotes for bio and barrons for statistics and you'll be fine), but physics c, computer science, and European history will probably demand a lot of your time, and senior year is hectic enough as it is. </p>

<p>Do I think you can manage all of these classes? Yes. Is it worth it is the question you have to ask yourself. Why, by the way, do you want to self-study so many? Unless you are looking to get college credit for all of the ones you are taking senior year, they seem to be of no use to you- colleges won't know about them unless you explicitly tell them, and I doubt doing so would impress them any, if at all.</p>

<p>Several of the APs you have listed for self-study are rather challenging, even with a skilled instructor. I would recommend scaling back on some of these.</p>

<p>What's the point man? Don't you want to have a life too? lolz. Padding the resume to look good scores you no points when you get a bunch of 3s after the AP tests. Quality over quantity.</p>

<p>I thought about taking a lot of these, I won't actually take them all. Probably just about three or less self-studies a year </p>

<p>I probably won't take Physics C. I may take it if there's a class but there probably won't be. I do realize the intensity of these classes but I had put them under certain years because I'll have similar classes the same year or the year before. I will definitely not be taking all of them. These are a lot of the things that interest me and, like I've said, I won't take all of them. I should have made that clearer, sorry.</p>

<p>I'm taking Honors Chemistry next year. Our school doesn't offer AP Chemistry any more. Should I self-study chem next year and move another test, or just skip it entirely? I want to become a pharmacist so I figure AP Chemistry would fit nicely.</p>