too many BRBs?

<p>Are there many places open nights/weekends to spend BRBs? From the dining page there doesn't seem to be many options, most places only open for breakfast/lunch during the week.</p>

<p>Still have quite a lot of BRBs to spend by the end of the year, since I know they don't carry over to the next year. My question is whether its common for most people to have a lot extra (with 10meals/week) and what to do with them, maybe buy snacks from rpcc to bring home?</p>

<p>it's very convenient to skip a meal and use BigRedBux...</p>

<p>you can use BRB to buy drinks and coffee for classes...</p>

<p>a burger and fries = $8 so your big red bux arent really THAT much...</p>

<p>most guys i knew ended up having to add MORE lol...</p>

<p>if you eat like a normal person, you probably wont have excess brbs.</p>

<p>I usually had 100 BRBs left at the end of the semester (on the 10 meal/week plan). It is very easy to use them all up by the time the semester is over. I usually stocked up on snack foods for finals week...and I always had many friends who didn't have a meal plan or were out of BRBs so I would buy them stuff as well (but I didn't get that generous until the end of the semester when I knew I wasn't going to be able to spend all of those BRBs on my own).</p>

<p>westside express on west campus is open late every night. that place is my jam hehe</p>

<p>Having too many BRB's will be the least of your worries. </p>

<p>Everywhere from libraries, cafes, vending machines, on campus grocery store like places, to go grills and drink stations, and sit down places like Trillium or Terrace take BRB's. </p>

<p>If you have any left over, hit me up. I just added $50 this morning.</p>

<p>i tend to find that guys run out 1-2 months faster than girls...</p>

<p>some girls may never finish theirs...</p>

<p>I usually have a few extras...I think I started purposefully only eating at BRB places toward the end of last year. fall semester I rolled over $100+ BRBs to now.
I'm sure at least some of you saw the article in the Daily Sun about using your unspent BRBs to buy food to donate. I thought it was an interesting concept, although I am unsure of the legal situation.</p>

<p>There was some idiot girl in Nasties last week going ON AND ON about how she had 600BRB's left to use by the end of the semester and so she basically bought as much stuff as she could, and saw a few of her friends and made them give her their **** to buy too.</p>

<p>I think I heard her say "OMG I have 600BRB's to spend before the end of the semester!" about five times. I was ready to strangle her.</p>

<p>But most people I know run out right about the end of the year or add a few more.</p>

<p>Pardon my ignorance, but if you run out of BRBs, couldn't you pay using cash?</p>

<p>if you pay with BRB you do not have to pay taxes on the fast or credit you must pay :<</p>

<p>normally groceries are untaxed but fast food isnt...</p>

<p>Given the exorbitant cost of food purchased with BRBs I find it hard to see how anyone wouldn't be able to burn through their allotment in a semester O_O</p>

<p>"Given the exorbitant cost of food purchased with BRBs"</p>

<p>Ain't this the truth... Although the food at Trillium and Nastie's and the likes isn't bad at all, 10 bucks for a burger, fries, and drink, could have bought me the same thing at a restaurant in town... C'mon Cornell.</p>

<p>ZFanatic...this is why I am a proponent of bringing fast food to campus. Although this isnt really necessary. Cost cutting could be done by changing food suppliers. Aramark is a cheap option I think. </p>

<p>But the truth is....Cornell Dining is a highly profitable business.</p>

<p>I would be more confident in Cornell Dining using high quality ingredients.</p>

<p>Aramark is terrible. The medical school I work at used them as their food service provider and they recently terminated their contract b/c of quality (among other issues).</p>