Too many classes?


<p>So for this coming fall quarter, I am thinking of taking:</p>

<p>Chem 30B
Chem 20L
Math 32A or 3C
GE, maybe Intro to Archaeology with Schachner --- anyone have him before? I can't find much on Bruinwalk, so wondering how he is as a professor...and this class in general.</p>

<p>Is that too heavy of a courseload? </p>

<p>I am a second year and so far I've only taken 3 classes a quarter so far. As pre-health, do I have to start taking 4 classes per quarter from now on? When it is 4 classes, is it usually 3 science/math courses and a GE?</p>


<p>That sounds alright. 20L is a tad time consuming from what I saw from my friends (but it isn't unmanageable). 32A/3C shouldn't be too bad providing you are decent at math. The others I have no clue about.</p>

<p>I'm planning on taking intro to archaeology with schachner also. didn't find anything on bruinwalk or anywhere else. hopefully someone here has him/her before!</p>

<p>dinoian's first rule of CC: Complete strangers on the internet are unable to make judgements regarding what load is too heavy for an individual person they never met.</p>

<p>I have found that I personally can handle more classes and work than many others, having taken 4 science lectures (Math 131BH, Physics 110A, Physics 105A, HC 70A), a lab (Physics 4BL), and an honors seminar (with 110A) for 20 science units, and managed around a 3.7 for the quarter, with no class lower than a B+. Also had a bit of a social life (not party scene, just hang out with friends, president of a club), and two jobs. I also know others that have taken 12 units in a quarter and gotten around 2.0 because they go out drinking or they're pledging that quarter.</p>

<p>The people on CC don't know you, and don't know what you personally are capable of achieving. Therefore it is impossible for us to give you good advice as to if the schedule proposed is "too difficult" or "too much". We don't know how difficult you find chemistry, how you find writing lab reports as difficult or easy, if you have a mathematical mind (3C and 32A are very different content wise, 3C being probability stuffs, 32A being more calculus). But if you are going to take more courses, take them sooner while each individual course is less difficult so that you can take less courses when you have more difficult upper division courses.</p>

<p>As far as do people take this many courses in the sciences, definitely yes. My fall will be 4 upper div math/physics courses (Math 151A, 170A, Physics 115B, 112), and pretty much every quarter for me will be 4 science/math courses. 19 classes left to graduate with only one as G.E., so I pretty much have no choice but to take only science classes (2 years to go). You're going to run out of G.E.'s before you graduate, and so you'll have to take 4 science classes at one point.</p>

<p>In summary: We don't know you or what you are capable of. We therefore cannot judge the difficulty of a potential schedule for any individual member of the community we have not met.</p>

<p>Edit: I know this post may sound mean, but it really annoys me when complete strangers ask for advice from others when the advice they are to receive is based so much on their individual abilities. Part of growing up is learning what you are capable of doing, and learning how to cope with increased stress and work levels. If you would like advice on matters like this, you should not be asking "Is this too heavy for me", but instead "to what workload did this set of classes compare for you" in order to gauge some estimation of how difficult this load will be for you. You must also take this advice with a grain of salt, realizing that other people are not you, and thus your workload for that set of courses will not be the same as theirs.</p>