Too many classes?

<p>So this freshman year I'm going to be taking 7 classes. This includes a lab. It counts as 15 credit hours. I'll be in the Honors College too..
I'm not sure if any are really "hard" classes. Maybe the Fundamental Chem I and the Honors Nutrition and Health. I had to do this because the classes I wanted weren't available any more, and they were 4 credit classes. The ones I needed were 3 credit hours and I have a couple 1 credit classes.
I'm wondering if this is too much for a freshman. I really don't want to drop and go below 15 credits, but if it'll kill my GPA then maybe I will. Help?</p>

<p>Im not sure where you are going but im also an incoming freshman. The typical courseload at my school is 16 credit hours and I will be taking 18 credit hours. Ive obviously never taken any college courseload so I cant tell you whether either of us are taking on too much. However, I did take 4 AP Classes each semester of senior year of HS plus 2 other classes each semester...</p>

<p>Yeah, I took 2 AP and 3 Honors classes senior year of HS each semester..but I'm not sure if it'll be the same! How many classes are you taking kaebug?</p>

<p>I think 15 credits is fairly average. However, I consider it ideal for a freshman to take about 12-13 credits their first semester if you can. If you believe you can handle the courseload, I think your schedule is fine.</p>

<p>I'm not totally sure how 7 classes (or 6 classes + 1 lab) adds up to 15 credit hours, but you should be ok if it truly is only 15 credit hours.</p>

<p>I'm taking 4 classes that equal 15 credits. You must have some short classes.</p>

<p>Maybe I should list my schedule..
Fundamental Chem I--3 creds
+Lab--1 cred
Success Strategies (required -_-) 1 cred
Marriage and Family--3 cred
Honors Nutrition and Science--3 cred
Honors Global Consumer Culture--3 cred
Honors Freshman Exploration (required)--1 cred
I mean, I think 15 credit hours are pretty fair/easy and the classes aren't Extreme Chemical Engineering or anything but 7 classes make me worry that I'll have a bunch of homework at one time is all..</p>

<p>2 of those one-credit classes (Success Strategies, Freshman Exploration) probably aren't going to be "real" classes/a ton of work so I wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>I'm taking 6 classes.
T/TH 1 credit- freshman focus: positive psychology
W 1 credit- honors seminar: what is thinking? (hopefully playing with programmable legos in this class!)
T/TH 4 credit -core 101 (required general Ed)
T/TH 4 credit- art and culture
M/W/F 4 credit - Spanish 101
M/W 4 credit - psychology 101 (going to have to drop this one and add different one bc I passed AP)</p>

<p>Credits are kind of a weird college converts one of our credits to 4 credit hours. So by their standard I'm taking 20 credit hours this semester (five 1-credit classes).</p>

<p>"2 of those one-credit classes (Success Strategies, Freshman Exploration) probably aren't going to be "real" classes/a ton of work so I wouldn't worry about it."</p>

<p>Oh thank God. </p>

<p>kaebug92--Ahh I wish I could take some of your classes! They sound pretty fun. Minus Spanish. I think I'm gonna try to get the extremely, possibly boring classes outta the way first and take a few fun ones Spring. </p>

<p>And thank you limitfofx! I'm glad we're in the same boat. Good luck to you too! ^.^</p>

<p>lolcats4, that's pretty sweet conversions.. It sounds pretty darn good..</p>

<p>I'm back again! I took AU Experience/Success Strategies last year...JOKE class. Basically GPA boosters, and you're crazy not to take them. You get Samford Clock Tower tours, Stadium tours...ect. I opted out of Honors College, but I've heard it's not too bad. Chemistry isn't bad, depends on who you get but I got an A in the class. Nutrition is a little tricky, I got an 87 in the class. I've not taken the others, but they definitely don't sound bad. First semester is hard because of getting used to everything, football season, and if you're in a sorority, that takes up time. But 15 hours is completely normal at Auburn! Good luck, again!</p>

<p>My adviser told me that he thinks it is less about the number of credit hours and more about the type of work you'll be doing in the class and the number of "preparations." 15 credit hours or not, that is still 7 different subjects you have to study for, which is a lot even if 15 credit hours isn't at first glance. Given the subjects you're taking it seems like it would be okay, but keep in mind how many assignments you'll be doing a week, not just the number of credit hours.</p>

<p>Thanks ausophomore! </p>

<p>Ahh Emaheevul07, now I'm getting worried. Perhaps I should drop a class to be on the safe side. Or should I try it out first and see how it goes? I really want to join clubs and what not and perhaps having 7 classes would interfere with my experience..</p>

<p>Wait and see what they're like. For all you know, some of those 1 cred, required courses might not have any work at all (besides menial assignments).</p>

<p>I would wait til you have all the syllabi in hand and look at what kind of work you're really looking at. It's true that some of those one credit classes could be no big deal.</p>

<p>I didn't mean to make you panic!</p>

<p>Ok, I shall wait for the syllabus and see how it looks..
Thanks all! And it's ok Emaheevul07, I needed to know/prepare myself for it anyways! ^_^</p>