Too many credits to transfer?

<p>So I’m anxiously waiting for a reply from Cal Poly Pomona for transfer admission. I recently learned that some schools will not admit students with over a certain amount of credits. I know which UCs do this but I want to know if Cal Poly Pomona does it. I have over 100 credits from Mt. Sac, RCC and UCR combined. I started at riveraide community college, transferred to UCR, stuff happened (financial and personal) and had to withdraw. Then I changed majors and went to mt. Sac. Now I’m ready to transfer into a new program but I don’t know if I’m screwed here :frowning: I’m hoping it’s just a UC thing. Thanks for any responses. </p>

<p>they won’t reject you for that. only a certain number of lower division units will be transferable though. if you have any upper division units, they’ll transfer just fine.</p>

<p>Cal Poly sets the maximum number of transferrable units at 105 (quarter units).</p>