Too many credits to transfer?

Hi! I have a issue that is quite specific so I figured an advice forum would be the best place to get help. If it matters I graduated high school in 2018. I would like to transfer to a new college for the Spring semester. By the end of the Fall, I will technically have completed four semesters at school (I am on medical leave right now and have till the end of the Fall to finish my work from this Spring semester that was given extensions due to the medical issues and COVID). However, my school does January terms where I’ve wracked up 7 more credits, and I graduated high school with 27 credits making my grand total around 94. I know schools prefer 32-60 credits and some don’t even accept students past 60 so should I even bother? My current school has been really detrimental to my mental health (due to campus environment, not academics) and I want to be closer to home, but I’m wondering if I could even find a school that would accept me/give me good financial aid. I was thinking I’d lose enough credits in the transfer process to get down to around 60 but I don’t know if that’s how the process works. Thank you for reading and commenting in advance!

Check the policies of the colleges you want to apply to whether “too many credits” is a problem and whether all of your credit counts toward “too many credits”.

Note that AP scores would get converted to credits by the new college’s rules, rather than get passed along from your current college.

You’ve made it this far. If you have 94 credit hours, you only have two semesters left. Transferring at this point could really screw you up, because, yes, there’s a limit to financial aid, and you could lose potentially most your credits. That’s assuming the school will accept you. You seem to be doing OK, but make regular appointments with a doctor and a therapist.