Too many ECs?

<p>I'm a sophomore who has way too many interests and it reflects in the clubs and activities I'm involved in. The problem is, I know I'll have to cut down my extracurriculars for junior year since I'll be more busy and I'll be taking challenging classes. How should I approach doing this?</p>

<p>Here's a list of my current EC's:</p>

<p>-Girls Swimming (JV- hopefully Varsity next year!)
-Speech Team (going to Regionals)
-BPA or Business Professionals of America (qualified for Nationals freshman year, going to state this year; Vice-President)
-DECA (first in state, went to Nationals; Vice-President)
-Sophomore Class Council (had to be elected on)
-Newspaper Staff (national-award winning paper- will be editor Junior year)
-Math Team
-Played the piano for 10+ years (still taking lessons and teaching my own students)</p>

<p>Is this way too much for junior/senior year? BPA, DECA, and class council aren't huge time commitments, but swimming and speech team definitely are. Newspaper is a class, so after-school commitments aren't as bad. </p>

<p>For my career, I'm thinking about going into science (pre-med or biology/chemistry?) and economics. But at the same time, I love writing and speech too; they're my hobbies.</p>