Too many Frats?

<p>I've heard a lot of people say that the ONLY thing to do at Cornell when you're not working is to drink and party with fraternities and stuff. I'm not that kinda person, is there really enough of a social scene for someone who doesn't drink or join a fraternity?</p>

<p>i hope so .</p>

<p>Only 30% of Cornell students are in frats and sororities.</p>

<p>campus sponsors alc. free events; theres also collegetown and lots of outdoor activities in the area.</p>

<p>I'm glad to hear that there are more people planning on going to Cornell who don't drink. </p>

<p>If you don't mind me asking, why don't you drink?</p>

<p>If it makes you more comfortable, I don't drink because I have an uncle who drank himself to death-along with smoking, which is why I don't do that either. Also, I have another family member who has an alcohol problem, and it scares the crap outta me.</p>

<p>i had an uncle in HK who was drunk, he rode his bike home and fell into a ditch and smashed his head...he died.</p>

<p>but, i drink very light stuff often kahlua and maybe mike's hard lemonade...and smirnoff, but that's really it. i only drink much more when there's cause for end of classes...i find it disgusting to drink to the point of puking, and i have never done that thank god.</p>

<p>Sorry about your uncles...I hate it when stuff like that messes up peoples' lives. As for me, I'm just afraid of getting hooked, same reason I'll never smoke. If it's an "experience" than it's one I can live without. Anyway, I'm visiting Cornell tomorrow, I think it's gonna be awesome, I just hope it's not TOO isolated...I'm dyin inside for the city experience...but maybe I can live without that one too.</p>

<p>i would also like to thank (maybe i've ended up in the hospital a few times) god for making me allergic to smoke...specifically (or perhaps I should say more severely) tobacco smoke...dumb *****tards who don't read signs on the walls that say to stay away at least 20-30ft from a building...sorry...a little emotional about this since i have had my health severely impounded by those i have respectfully asked to move away and have denied it. my incessant coughing and "I can't breathe" doesn't seem to put them to motion does it? sorry for anyone who does smoke but are respectful of the law...</p>

<p>I know how you feel quynh. My own family ignores my request not to smoke near me (though I am not allergic, I get pains in my chest). Also, I am sorry about your uncle... It is always tragic when such a thing happens.</p>

<p>I too can't understand people who drink until they pass out. I will drink sometimes but certainly not to that degree.</p>

<p>I have never smoked a single cigarette or drank coffee in my life and don't plan to (although all bets are off on the coffee after I become a doctor:)</p>

<p>Okay, so, hi. I'm going to be transferring up to CU in the fall, but for the next month, I find myself here: Party School Central, USA. At my current university, Greeks rule the school, there are about 8 billion bars, and sometimes it really feels like everyone, everyone, everyone drinks. Thing is, they don't. I have some really wonderful friends here who don't drink at all, and others who only do once in a while and never to the point of excess. Moral of the story? Even in a sea of huge partiers who care more about beer then an education (which I have a feeling I'll find a lot less of at Cornell), you'll still find people who don't want to party and be like everyone else. Trust me - I don't drink for a variety of reasons, and I was so, so worried that that would hinder me socially, and it completely hasn't. So regardless of the Greek life up in Ithaca, you have great friends to look forward to:)</p>

<p>Smoking gives me migraines that have been known to make me practically cry from pain so not a big fan of that. And i just don't like alcohol. I don't really like to "party" either. I like a to have fun but quieter fun. I like to have some crazy games of Taboo or some Balderdash, but I don't do drinking so I hope I can find people to play sweet games with ( haha i promise i'm not a loser and that i do have friends)</p>

<p>people who judge others on their willingness or lack thereof to get effed up are ignorant. It's a personal choice that should be respected.</p>

<p>omg...did someone say TABOO!! that's the ULTIMATE GAME! I love it soo soo gets to a point when my friends and I start forming a little...sisterhood through taboo.</p>

Blank and Spice and Everything Nice
My Friend #1:
My Friend #2:
No! Sugar!

<p>Hence forth, we were known as the Chicken and Spice Sisters...</p>

<p>anyways, there are plenty of people (myself included) who just enjoy spending time with their friends...with their senses intacted for the most part...staying up until 7am to have deep conversations, playing spoons and other silly games, and just sharing our free times one can replace those moments, not even a tinge of regret that alcohol wasn't involved.</p>

<p>talk about racist brainwashing, i was playing taboo with this 8 year old and got the word "arabs." So as a joke, (i mean come on, i'm not an ignorant, racist moron) I said "terrorists" for the hint since i couldn't say "simitar" and stuff. And within a single second the kid screams out "ARABS!" in an excited voice. lol...</p>

<p>Did someone say "play spoons"?</p>

<p>I challenge you to a duel. That's one of the best games EVAH.</p>



<p>Amen, and amen. :p</p>

<p>Friend A: This guy lost the last presidential election.
Friend B: AL GORE!
Friend A: RIGHT
Me: John Kerry? (confused and bewildered as to how i was right and yet wrong.)</p>

<p>hey man, pjv, sounds like you got jipped. I demand a recount! hahaha... I'm glad there are cool people at Cornell-I hope I can get in... I dunno if I'm cool enough. ;)</p>

<p>I'm glad this thread exists, it really puts me at ease knowing that there are lots of people i the same boat as I am as far as the controlled substances go, and who are genually awesome people... </p>

<p>To quote leigh, Amen. ( Good to hear from ya Leigh! ;))</p>

<p>Right back atcha, b! LOL I don't know why I'm still around this board but first loves die hard and the people here are great so... LOL bear with me while I get my wait list decision... for better or for worse. :D </p>

<p>(and what was all that about your not being cool enough, b?! pish. nonsense.)</p>