Too many P/NP for CC to UC Help!!

Hi, I’m currently attending CC in California as a international student, and I’m working on the UC application right now. My major is economics and I’m aiming on UCB and UCLA. I have 4.0 GPA so far and some ECs. I’ll be done with pre-req and igetc by this semester with 75 units.

My concern is that I took 3 classes(9 units, 1 Astron class, 2 Anthro classes) as P/NP so far, and I’m thinking of taking Bio(Lab class) from this semester as P/NP. I’m currently taking 16 units, and I don’t think I can get an A in this Bio class. Would you guys recommend taking this class as P/NP? I really can’t decide whether I’m going to drop this class or take it as P/NP.