Too many students from one school?

<p>I was wondering if Notre Dame tried not to accept too many students from one school. I'm number 4 in my class, and I think every person in our top 5 will apply to the university EA. Even though I'm confident in my application (2360 SAT, legacy, etc.) I sometimes worry if regional reps only select two or three students from a school. I don't know how I would compete with the 1st-3rd students in my class.</p>

<p>My high school sent 23 last year and I am one of 7 going this year.</p>

<p>There is usually a quota on regions, but Im pretty sure it doesnt go to the particular school level. If a region has 10 schools with the 10 most qualifies candidates coming from the same school, they will usually get picked.</p>

<p>This is interesting because my school has never had more than 3, but as evidenced by other posters, there doesn't seem to be any quota - or if there is so the number is hard to guess.</p>

<p>I am the only one ever from my hs, so I guess I can't help to much</p>