Too Much APs?

<p>I'm taking APUSH and AP Lang right now ,and I'm self studying Stat and Psych. So today when I went to ask this lady, who's supposedly an expert on the AP tests, about self studying and taking the test, she disapprovingly said "it's too much". So do you guys think it's too much too? My biggest EC is just Track.</p>

<p>Well judging by the name of this topic AP Lang should be the first one you drop.</p>

<p>Just kidding. But it shouldn't be too much, I wouldn't think so at least.</p>

<p>Haha my bad, "Too MANY APs" :P</p>

<p>Obviously, lady doesn't know what she's talking about. jk jk -but really, you shouldn't worry. AP stats isn't really that much material; neither is psych. If you're taking APUSH & AP Lang as classes, you should already have a good enough foundation to prepare for the tests.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>I don't think anyone can answer these questions except you. If you feel over tasked with your current AP classes, don't bother taking your self-studies.</p>

<p>that lady is no expert. There have been CCer's in this forum who have taken like 10 AP exams in a year before and managed to get all 4's and 5's.</p>

<p>Four isn't that much, especially the exams you're taking. </p>

<p>AP Lang, you don't really study. You depend on your teacher on the timed essay and for the MC, buy cliffnotes for practice. And if you want to improve rhetorical analysis, you might as well peruse an essay from the New Yorker and see how the author write it. </p>

<p>APUSH - 30+ hours to read an entire textbook. It's not intimidating if you distribute a read a few chapters/day before the ap exam. You could also get AMSCO, which saves time</p>

<p>Psych - one of the easiest exam. My friend self-study using only Barron's and PR and he received a 5.</p>

<p>Stat- just know what you're doing and use common sense to answer the concept questions, like bias or Type I or Type II errors.</p>

<p>Stat and Psych are commonly known as the easiest APs, so you're planned 4 are from from too many. If you want to take it to the extreme, there have been CCers who have taken 10+ APs in a year, scoring well on all.</p>

<p>I'm taking AP Lang, AP Chem, AP Bio, and BC Calc and I dont feel that's too much. Then again, I'm not self studying...</p>

<p>Thanks for the opinions guys. I don't understand why my school is so cautious. All these counselors/teachers/"supposed experts" always over exaggerate on the difficulty of honors/AP courses. Then we get scared 'cause we're going to take them. And then when we do take them, we're like it's so easy.</p>

<p>i think that's still doable, since im gonna take 8 tests, all self-study (unfortunately, my school doesn't offer ap, only ib) including calculus bc, physics b and c (both mech and em), chem, bio, macro and microeconomics, and it's still manageable (though i had to self-study from 1-2 years before and supplement my self-study with overlapping ib courses)</p>

<p>Pshh. That lady is a kook. Do what you want - it's definitely possible to pass all the ones that you are taking. Keep working diligently and you'll do well. I will have taken 5 APs by the time I'm out of highschool.</p>

<p>The way you speak of track i can tell that you dont take it that seriously? on my team we like to call you type of people reseme runners, or runners you dont come every day, dont try hard, and just put in an hour or two each day. i you take track seriously your whole life will revolve around it and you will practice/exercise at least three hours a day. Im so tired of unathletic,low work ethic people like you making it look like just anyone can run track.</p>

<p>This is what I call too many APs.</p>

<p>Art History
Environmental Science
European History
Comparative Government & Politics
U.S. Government & Politics
Human Geography
World History</p>

<p>Yeah that was what I wanted to take before I started school. Then I realised it was quite impossible.</p>

<p>I think yours is doable.</p>