Too much bragging on Facebook?

<p>Apparently there is a phrase for the phenomenon according to Urban Dictionary. It's "Facebragging."</p>

<p>Facebook is made for lurking.</p>

<p>Facebook simply provides a means of expression. It is much less a place to acquire friendships than it is a place to garner attention. Facebook provides a large audience for the everyday person. When you brag to a group of several hundred individuals, someone is bound to care.</p>

I don't belong to Spacebook, Myface, Titter or any of those social networks.

Huh. I'll have to check out that third one. There may be something to this social networking afterall. ;)</p>

<p>^^^ then you might also enjoy the movie "the Devil wears Nada"</p>

<p>I have decided that I don't like Facebook. Was found and friended by a very old boyfriend (ie 30 yrs ago) who slowly but surely became creepier and creepier. Like still thinking we could get back together- despite 2000 miles, 4 marriages for him and one for me. I eventually blocked and unfriended, but not after being very weirded out.</p>

<p>I don't take it as bragging unless the tone or frequency is really over the top. I have younger friends with little kids and I'd rather read about big kid achievements than potty training updates.</p>

<p>I have to say that enjoy reading about the potty training toddlers as well as the prom pictures and everything in between.
It is fun to see the families of people I went to school with and grew up with ! So many surprises to see what people have done with their lives.
In my high school class we have a grammy nominee, a couple of actors, authors , CEOs and so on....and then there is me ;)
I have reconnected with my childhood best friend ( and visited her when on vaca in Fla ) former co-workers and even a couple of old boyfriends ( no weird stalking types, than goodness ) A former nanny of my children that I feared had passed away...actually all but one former nanny.
No bad experiences at all and I hope it remains that way</p>

I mainly use Facebook to update far-flung relatives and friends on what’s going on with my family


This might be at the root of why you're having second thoughts on your postings. </p>

<p>I try to be somewhat careful about discussing my kids' accomplishments with people. If I know them fairly well, know their personal situations, and have an idea of what their kids are up to then I may discuss a certain amount regarding my kids. I'm careful because if I know their kid ended up doing drugs, is in jail, isn't headed to college but working at a fast-food place with no other prospects, has a mental disability preventing them from going to college, etc., I know they might not be in the mood to hear about how wonderful everything is with my kids (they'd probably be happy for me but not happy to hear it all). </p>

<p>When you're posting this 'on the wall' for the most far flung 'friend' to see you may not really know their situation that well and this may well come off as bragging and/or not exactly make them feel that great about it. It really depends on what you're posting and exactly 'who' is reading it. If you know them fairly well and you think they'd be truly interested in your kids' accomplishments, then I wouldn't worry about it. I suppose if it really annoys them they can just quit visiting your FB. If I were the far flung person I'd be interested to hear it myself because I'm interested in the accomplishments of people (even if I don't know them) but that's just me.</p>

<p>If you don't have it secured such that anyone in the world can see it, that's a whole different issue.</p>

<p>My D would deface me if I bragged about her on FB. I think most kids are really uncomfortable being bragged about so I would consider that.</p>

<p>I am involved in some running forums and occasionally get to meet some of the people in person at various out of town races (or when they come to my city). It's been really fun getting to know them on facebook on a level that is different from what is shared in the forums. Same with CC people- I've really had fun getting to know more about some of the regulars who post on here.
I am not thrilled with updates about the potty training, but I figure that's part of the territory. I have a number of facebook friends who are VERY clever and interesting, and I know many who seem to appreciate my posts as well. If they don't, they can hide my status updates or un-friend me.</p>

<p>I like reading about the accomplishments of friends and relativces' kids. It does depend on the tone though (which is hard online). When people are over the top, they are just excited - so I give them a break. Right now, H's cousin's S is starting to get recruited for sports and the dad is constantly posting notes from coaches. I'm just excited for them (of course it's all according to NCAA rules - July 1!).</p>

<p>My D's BF is determined to be my friend on FB. That's against my rules. I'm not friends online with any of my kids' friends. No way. Not appropriate. One of D's friends requested me - nice kid - here for some holidays with us - I just explained to him that I don't do that.</p>

<p>Love FB and reconnecting with people. But a previous poster is right - CC already takes up enough time!</p>

<p>There is no need to be friend with your kid's bf/gf, unless your kid tells you it's going to be his/her last one. That is creepy. Makes you think what the girl is like.</p>

<p>I am not friends with my kids on FB, so I don't usually get to see anything, and I always wondered what's on their FB. A while back FB changed its privacy setting, so if you have mutual friends, then you get to see the other person's profile. We happened to have one mutual friend, and I discovered it by accident. I went on their FB and browsed. Very sad to say, there wasn't much of discovery. I got bored after few minutes. I did tell them to re-set their privacy setting.</p>

<p>My boys were required to 'friend' both parents when they got their accounts. We are part of the 'woodwork' and post on their page a happy b'day or two. I have received numerous friend requests over the years from students. I make it a policy not to friend hs kids I am not related to. It's just not a good idea. I don't post a picture of my kids without permission first and generally don't 'tag' them. I have to remind their dad of the same. I have a shutterfly account that I can post prom, vacation, holiday pictures to. It is by 'invitation only' with a password. This is for relatives and very close friends. Family may want to see 30 prom pictures. No one else does. I rarely post personal 'updates' about my children because I don't want them posting 'updates' about me. If there is news, it's theirs to share.</p>

<p>I am not friends with the BF, I just looked at what was open on his page. I also required my kids to friend me although I do not post on their pages where people can see. I send them notes, IM DD when she is on FB and far away, and let them know when they have something dumb on their pages. One of my neighbor's kids had a "How big is your
pe--s?" on his page. They post some things that they think is so funny, but others might not.</p>