Too much ECs?

<p>i'm a student really dedicated to math...</p>

<p>i've been spending about 5-6 hrs a day on weekdays on math training, and 8hrs on weekends.. that means my EC comes to more than 40hrs a week just on math. Then i have band practices (about 7-8hrs a week) and other tedious stuff..</p>

<p>would the univs like H or MIT think I'm lying?</p>

<p>in my application, i'm putting down 30hrs for math, cuz i won't look like i'm lying then..</p>

<p>am i doing the right thing?</p>

<p>help soon, because i have to send in my application soon!!</p>

<p>no, if it's true you should be proud of it</p>

<p>That is a whole lot of math....</p>

<p>Are you a USAMO Qualifier or really really advanced in math (in terms of courses taken)?</p>

<p>do you honestly have that kind of time? I've heard of schools getting out as early as 2pm, plus an extra 1.5 hours for band, that means by 8, you're finishing math, what about eating and doing other homework?</p>

<p>I honestly did not lie..</p>

<p>I'm a Canadian, and although my school didn't offer AMC, I unofficially qualified for USAMO twice on the invitation of the Canadian Math Society.
for CMO, I qualified four times.. </p>

<p>I also wrote Asian-Pacific Math Olympiad 3 times..</p>

<p>Does that make me more believable? Maybe the Admissions will believe me too then.. :)</p>

<p>THanks guys, and that helped a lot!</p>

<p>P.S. - for the time division thing, half of USAMO takes 4.5hrs.. try doing that every day and two of those over the weekends.. Bands can be like your stress outlet, and homework,.. I guess you don't need them as much when you listen like crazy.. :) </p>

<p>P.P.S - I hope I didn't sound too arrogant.. I guess I'm too nervous..</p>

<p>jepa, the hours seem reasonable especially since they are backed up with those achievements in math. I would just put down the truth. Have you participated in IMO?</p>

<p>Yea, it will be a lot more believable when you put down all of your achievements.</p>

<p>yeah. If you put the honest time, and your achievements can back it up, then I definately say tell the honest truth with your hours.</p>

<p>you are weird</p>