too much for my first semester?? need second opinion

<p>I'm a freshman attending a large state university. i'm also pre-med and in school's honor program. My issue is that i want to take a freshman leadership seminar worth one credit hour, putting my course load at 17 credit hours.</p>

<p>Here is my schedule without the leadership seminar:</p>

<p>MWF- Gen Chem w/ 3 hour lab once a week (4 hr)
MWF- honors anthropology (3 hr)
MTWF- honors integral calculus (4 hr)
MWF- honors philosophy (3 hr)
W- freshman research seminar (1 hr)
M- Intro to honors program seminar--all honors freshman are required to take this, non-academic class (1 hr)</p>

<p>This leadership seminar is important to me. Do you think I am taking too much on in my first semester?</p>

<p>Well, lets do the math.</p>

<p>5 classes on Monday, 1 class on Tuesday, 5 classes on Wed., 4 classes on Friday.</p>

<p>Question is: do you think that all of those classes are neccessary?</p>

<p>It doesn't matter that one class is "just an Intro/Seminar so it doesn't really count." Chances are that it will still require a great deal of work. And on top of that, some of the courses you're taking are honor level courses, which is more rigorous and require much more work than the basic, non-honor courses. Since you're asking for my opinion, I feel that you should drop atleast one (the antrho. or philo. since they don't really relate to the pre-med major). You have to remember this is your first ever semester, and while you have 7 other semesters, you only have one, first ever semester -- and you don't want your first ever semester to be complete hell.</p>

<p>Just saying....</p>

<p>Good Luck with whatever your decision is! :D</p>

Do you think I am taking too much on in my first semester?


No, not at all. It looks just about right.</p>

<p>When I think seminar I'm thinking not much work also, but if you can check with someone, do that.</p>

<p>I think it sounds like a good schedule. It might be more than you're used to in high school, but should be plenty doable.</p>

<p>I think it depends on your study habits. If you're used to being challenged in high school, then it should be just fine. If you didn't have to do much in high school or you have poor study habits/time management skills, then I think it seems like a lot.</p>

<p>Personally, when I first read it, I thought it was a lot. However, I had an extremely easy high school and therefore I have no study habits whatsoever. That's why I'm taking a lighter semester, so I can acclimate. :)</p>

<p>Coming from someone who has taken 17 credits (the maximum I can take at my school) for the past two semesters and will be doing it again in the fall: it sucks. I took all real classes - no 'seminars', but one of my classes could have been classified as a blow off class maybe. It gets hard when you have a ton of things due the same week, and looking at your classes your stuff will probably be due on the same days alot of the time. Also, finals week(s) can be pretty tough when you are juggling six classes. They were easier for me last semester because I had more papers than tests but they were due one day after another so you can't spend the time you need to on each class because there is just no time. </p>

<p>You also need to consider that it's not just assignments you have to keep up with but reading as well ( I feel like antro and philo would come with a lot of reading ). I had ONE class where we had at the very least 100 pages to read a week sometimes. Multiply that by 6, add in papers, quizzes and tests and you're overwhelmed. </p>

<p>I would never tell a freshman to take 17 credits let alone 6 classes in their first semester. There isn't a reason to start off college that way. You don't need to rush to fill graduation requirements yet and being stressed all the time your first semester is just going to wear you down really fast. I think the only good thing you have going is no class on Thursdays and one on Tuesday.</p>

<p>I am on the quarter system and took 16 credit hours (three "real" classes and a one credit hour Freshmen course/seminar). It really wasn't that bad, but you just have to focus and use your time wisely. I was also working 18 or so hours a week and got a very good GPA. It is doable.</p>

<p>Doable.....depends on how hard the classes are...</p>

<p>Basically you just have to watch out for poor alignment of exams or something like that.....I had this one particularly nasty week when I had my Orgo II exam on Wednesday night, Math 240 exam Thursday morning, and then Electromagnetism Physics exam Thursday afternoon.</p>

<p>That was not a good week for me.....</p>

<p>Its too much for first semester freshman year, take either philosophy or anthropology, not both. You will have time to take them in the future</p>

<p>I think it looks doable, but I'm in the same position.</p>

<p>Can someone evaluate my classes doability factor?
Calc I & problem set
Chem 101 & lab
Physics 205 & lab & problem set
Honors English
Intro to engineering [1 hr]
Intro to computing [pass/fail]</p>

<p>It's 17 total. (Sorry to butt in here, but no use making another thread for it..)</p>

<p>^Now that seems like a LOT. </p>

<p>Your first semester? Taking calc, chem, physics, AND engineering? 2 labs? That seems like so much. You do know you do have two semesters this year, right? You don't have to cram everything this semester.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, we have 2 semesters. My curriculum calls for physics in the spring, but I wanted to take it now so I can take physics II in the spring. I had AP credit for chem & calc but didn't use it, so I felt that I'm at least familiar with most everything we'll be doing. If I waited to the spring to take physics, then I'd still have calc, chem, and then something like philosophy or economics. My curriculum has 15-17 hours constantly, so I might as well get used to it. 2 of those should be cake though (engineering & computers).</p>