Too much partying!

<p>My son is a Freshman at Saint Mike's. It was his first choice. However, he is not happy. The party scene is crazy. Multiple fire alarms in the middle of the night every weekend, drunk kids keeping everyone up even on weeknights and drunk kids urinating in the hall. Are there any options for freshman who don't drink to escape the madness? Can he switch to a different dorm or hall for Spring semester? Every school has a party scene but this seems out of control! Any advice? Help!</p>

<p>Dear gthom61537–</p>

<p>First, I am so sorry to hear that your son is dealing with these issues.</p>

<p>I brought this issue to the Residence Life staff and they informed me they are aware of these incidents and working to address them with the small group of students who are affecting students like your son.</p>

<p>In any situation, we encourage the student to bring these issues and concerns to the RA and RD. He can also inquire about changing rooms for next semester. I would also encourage you to contact the office of [Residence</a> Life](<a href=“]Residence”> to identify a solution for your son.</p>

<p>We value every student and want to provide the best experience for each and every one.</p>

<p>Best regards,</p>

<p>Jeremy Brown
Assistant Director of Admission</p>

<p>I was hoping that the rumors of out of crazy partying were over exaggerated, but I guess that this confirms it. Burlington can be wild place, especially with 4 colleges filled with kids looking to have fun in the dead of winter. UVM can be quite a party school also.</p>

<p>Hello! As a current Junior at St. Mike’s, I can offer a student’s perspective on the party scene. While it is there (just like on any other college campus) from my experience it isn’t crazy and there are plenty of other things to do on campus for students not interested in partying. I am definitely not a “partier”, but am never bored on the weekends thanks to all the clubs I am involved in and other activities held on campus.</p>

<p>Burlington also offers so many great events for college students to attend (in my opinion, it’s the perfect place to be a college student!). Just like on the St. Mike’s campus, there are plenty of things to do in the area that don’t involve partying or going to the bars - one of my personal favorites is going checking out the local music scene downtown or at Higher Ground, the local concert venue. Going downtown to Church Street in general is also always fun!</p>

<p>I hope this was helpful, and if anyone has any other questions feel free to contact me via my blog! [Marci’s</a> Blog: The Life of a SMC Junior!: Contact Me](<a href=“]Marci’s”></p>