Too Much to Ask?

<p>Hi All,</p>

<p>I feel really bad about this situation, so I am looking for some advice from parents about how to approach it. I am a senior applying to schools right now, and my number one choice is TCU. Technically it is a safety for me, because with a 3.92 UW GPA and 2080 I stand (or stood) in a good position to get a sizeable merit scholarship. However, the teacher who I asked to do my letter of reccomendation (a great biology teacher who has won several awards and known me for years, and always writes the best letters of rec) failed to postmark it by the early action deadline, even though I asked him 2 months in advance and checked in with him multiple times.. I am not positive, but it looks like this might jepordize my ability to get any merit scholarships from TCU, and we are too well off to recieve any need-based aid. My dad has made it clear that he is willing and able to pay the full 42K COA for me to go to TCU especially since this situation is not my fault, but now that it is looking like that might actually happen I feel like I am asking too much. My brother, who had similar stats to me, chose to go to a state school even though our parents could afford better because he didn't want to ask them for too much when he could go to a fine school for less money. Is it too much for me to ask my parents to pay for me to go to TCU even if I can no longer recieve any merit aid?
Thanks for any feedback.</p>

<p>First of all, it's unlikely that a late recommendation, which the school knows is out of your control, will jeopardize your application--but you can always call to ask about the effect and relieve your anxiety. Second, if you are concerned about asking your parents to pay so much, why not apply to other colleges where your stats are likely to get you merit awards? A scholarship to TCU versus full pay at TCU makes for an awfully short list of options.</p>

<p>A late rec is no big deal, so breath, and don't worry. In no way a rec that's a few weeks late will make any difference.</p>

<p>Thanks for the assuring replies, I was just stressing out because both of my parents were freaking out over it but everyone is calm now. I emailed the admission counselor and explained the situation, and so hopefully they understand.</p>

<p>And MommaJ, I am applying to other schools but I wouldn't want to attend any of them unless TCU was not an option. I know its probably bad to be so fixated on one school, but I can't help it. When I visited TCU I knew that it is where I want to go, a feeling I never got on any of my other 9 college visits.</p>

<p>You will get into TCU with a nice merit award. All will be well. They won't penalize you for the teacher's late LOR.</p>