Too much....?

<p>My guidance counselor said I should, in the additional info. section, explain my low GPA. What I wrote just briefly explains why my grades were so low, yet it mainly focuses on positive things. The thing is, I know that my guidance counselor has briefly explained my low GPA and the personal circumstances that led to it. In addition, one of my teachers told me that he also mentioned this in his recommendation letter (he knows me VERY well). So my question too much if I ALSO talk about it? Will I sound like I'm whining? Should I NOT include this in the Additional Info?</p>

<p>Since they're already going to be seeing it, I don't think you should devote more than a few sentences to it. However, if it's a good reason (which I presume it is given that your counselor and teacher thought it worth mentioning), a short paragraph is probably justifiable. Remember that they don't know that you know anything about what's in your recommendations.</p>

<p>I agree with RedSeven.</p>