Too nervous to apply/Minority concerns

<p>Right now I'm a Highschool junior and am looking at over fifteen schools. I would love to study abroad and right now my eyes have landed on Harvard as a possible school to apply to. I have the ambition to apply, but when ever I think of requirements I become nervous. For instance my GPA is 3.4, I'm ranked 45 in a class of 400, and I'm so nervous about taking the SAT's. I am one of those people who is horrible when it comes to taking test. I get more and more paranoid each day that passes, knowing that I have one year left until I can start applying to schools. I would love to study psychology in Havard but I don't know if I could even get in. </p>

<p>Also, does being a minority increase one's chances of getting into a college? I am african-american, and at times I want to just apply to a school without them looking at my race, do colleges even pay attention to that? I know there are a ton of grants and scholarships I could get and I've passed up two chances already. Is it worth it to-for lack of a better phrase-play the race card? At times I feel bad and often I feel like I'm cheating someone out of an opportunity...</p>

<p>1)if you don't apply, i'm going to cyberslap you. ofcourse you should. and you're not "playing the race card". depending on what school you go to and your environment, 3.4 and 45/400 could make you very competitive.
2)being a minority will increase your chances, but don't feel bad about it. it's not like you asked to be black. you gotta play the cards you're dealt.
3) harvard doesn't give scholarships or grants based on your race. it's all need-based (how much your parents make).
PM me if you have any questions. i'll be at harvard in the fall.</p>