Took 3 tests, but want to send 2... possible?

<p>I took 3 SAT IIs (Lit: 740, USH: 760, French: 590) and I guess it's pretty obvious which one I want to drop. Schools I'm applying to require only 2 scores. Can I send only LIT/USH? </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>You can use Score Choice to hide the French score. Some schools, however, do not want their applicants to use this option.</p>

<p>Right, I think the schools I'm applying to don't allow it. Thanks! I'll probably just retake that one.</p>

<p>what if we just dont send it though?</p>

<p>The colleges I checked don't allow that.</p>

<p>how would they know if you hide from them?</p>

<p>They wouldn't? But why try it? I don't want to see what happens (acceptance rescinded, i.e.) if you do that, and, if you did get in, I would always wonder if it was because of that hidden grade.</p>

<p>yeah if I can hide, and get in due to my hidden grade, I'd be grateful because that is a bad grade anyway</p>

<p>I'd say just don't do it.</p>

<p>very few schools don't allow score choice. you must be applying in very competitive schools.</p>

<p>moneyp - yes.</p>

<p>I am assuming Yale and the like? I am applying to a lot of competitive schools, and only Gtown, that I know of, makes you send all scores.</p>