Took AP Calculus AB junior year... what do I take senior year?

Right now as a high school junior, I am taking AP Calc AB. Next year, I have a choice of taking AP Calc BC or AP Statistics. Which would be the better one to take and would look more competitive on my transcript? I want to major in something STEM-related and take pre-med classes in college.

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Calc BC >>> Stats for a STEM major

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D18 & D21 both followed with AB with Calc BC. Neither one was set on STEM. You will hear many opinions, even from teachers and students at your school as to which is the most useful or more rigourous class. We decided that neither class would be one they would likely be super passionate about, and at their school the chatter was that Stats was known for being a bit easier than Calc BC and since more kids chose to take Stats, it made for a larger class size. BC was the right choice for them. They never looked back.

For a STEM major, BC makes the most sense, unless you struggled and got a C+/B- in calculus AB in which case AP Stats may be more appropriate and you’d need to think about Plan B majors.

Calc BC would certainly be considered more rigorous by someone evaluating a transcript.

For someone intending to major in a STEM-related area, BC would be much more relevant and valuable in preparing for college courses.

BC since you have technically already covered the “B” portion in AB calc, agree with everyone above.