Took October SAT, need to retake, is January too soon?

<p>Same thing as the title; I am a junior and I took the October SAT for the first time and am not too satisfied: 740 CR, 620 M, 770 W. I want to hopefully achieve a 780+ in CR and 750+ in M (yeah, a good amount of work to do). Is January too soon for this? When should I retake? I want to have the chance to retake one last time if I fail again, and I don't want do retake it during senior year. I don't want to do June because I'm doing subject tests then.</p>

<p>absolutely not. just work hard every day and you should be able to bring up you math easily. </p>

<p>use only CB tests. </p>

<p>eventually you'll find that all the questions follow a similar pattern.</p>

<p>*what abt march?</p>

<p>You are a junior, you have PLENTY OF TIME as long as you have a decent schedule- make sure for AP exams test dates, scholarships for juniors(in case you need one), Ecs etc.</p>

<p>January is fine, but I second the suggestion for March, unless you've got reasons that date won't work. You want to give yourself as much time as possible to prepare, and the more school you have under your belt the better as well. If you want to retake, you'll still have the May option, and even though you don't like the idea, October, too.</p>

<p>All right, I think I like the March idea. </p>

<p>What tips do you suggest to improve these scores? I'm quite disappointed with how my math came out; as for reading, I've never been able to break into the high 700's, even on practice tests. :/</p>

<p>I suggest in March and better is in October, because your math is far away from 750+. It is said it is harder to increase > 50 within 6 month, especially during school year, so October is better time if you only want to try one more time.</p>