Top 10% - Is it really 10%?

Somebody told me that the statistic colleges report as “students in the top 10% of their high school class” includes students in the top 11%.

Rationale: Colleges want to manipulate that number. Thus, any student in the top 10.xy% of their class is included.

Is this true? I’m not sure either way.

<p>Does that matter? O_o</p>

<p>Well, not really, but my class rank is 10.97% and I'm curious if colleges would consider that top 10%.</p>

<p>They certainly don't have any cut-offs for class rank decile. You'd be in the second decile on your transcript, and that's all they really see. Besides, .97% is NOT going to help you get into a college you were going to be rejected from anyways.</p>

<p>My transcript shows actual rank as opposed to decile. And that .97% places me out of the first decile, which has a certain stigma.</p>

<p>my class has 447 in it, and only 5 people are affected by this 11% issue, but I .97 makes a huge difference anways</p>

<p>celebrian, do you think it does or doesn't make a huge difference?</p>

<p>doesn't make a difference, sorry I accidently omitted the word doubt</p>

<p>Wow...I'm so happy my school doesn't rank, especially considering there are 82 people in my class, so only 8 people can be in that top decile. No ranking=Quakers are cool</p>