Top 25% Thinking About Dropping Out to Transfer to T14

Little background info. I’m a 2L, I’m in the top 25% of my class with a 3.47/4.0. I gained some work experience clerking at a small PI law firm over the summer. BUT… I’m not enjoying online law school. I did it last semester and I killed it getting mostly A’s… but I’m not satisfied. Not at all. It sucks. All the hard work doesn’t feel like it means anything because I can’t see people in person, I can’t celebrate with friends after all the hard work… and not only that. Because my school is ranked 85ish it doesn’t even feel like it matters. I’m located in downtown Chicago, but even being in a major market and being in the top 25% I feel like I have no hope of actually landing a decent job. I want to drop out, take this semester off, and transfer to a T14. What should I do?

Your chance of transferring as a 2L for 3L year is next to nil and wouldn’t really help your employment options. Even as a 1L, a T14 would be unlikely based on your GPA.

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