Top 3 Things to Love about Having Sent your Pton App

<p>A stress releaser for those who’ve sent their apps, An Inspiration for those who haven’t (come on now, you can do it!!).</p>

<p>i’ll go first:

  1. You can post on the Princeton Board without the guilty nagging feeling of, “I really shouldn’t be doing this, i have an essay to write.” or , “That thread looks really interesting but i haven’t done my brag sheet yet…” :)</p>

<li><p>When your friends ask, “Have you sent your ap. yet?” you finally get to scream back, “YES!!”</p></li>
<li><p>The monotony of hearing your parents go, “You really should work on your Princeton Application.” gets replaced by, “You really should work on your Common Application.”</p></li>

<p>:) good times</p>

<p>what's a brag sheet, stupid one post per 60 second rule, so I'm just gonna keep typing to pass the time.....tick tock tick tock tick tock</p>

<p>brag sheet is basically a resume...hehe</p>

<p>yeah, coined phrase for a "Detailed Resume/Activity List" derived from K. Cohen's book about "The Truth about Getting in". Its literally a sheet of paper where you brag about all the stuff you've done. I didn't send one per se though...</p>

<p>i didn't send resume either. i replaced it with a short description of one of my ecs.</p>

<p>i sent my pton early app last week!
i love freedom.
60 seconds rule... has it passed? has it? has it?
maybe it has....</p>

<p>I am sending it today... hmmm nothing to enjoy I guess since I have to fill 5 or 6 more of these...</p>

<p>to those who've sent their apps- do you feel more: anxious, bored, or relieved?</p>

<p>anxious and relieved at the same time,
anxious cause I have to wait some months before I know the result,
relieved because i managed to do it =)</p>

<p>ditto randomgr - and it's one not some months - dec 15 is just around the corner! :)</p>

<p>47 days! Sorry, this countdown thing has made me quite neurotic.</p>

<p>my friends found out on december 10 last year :-X maybe we can find out earlier!</p>

<p>i just hope i can call/e-mail them to know the result. my country's mailing system is hopeless. the admit/defer/reject mail will most probably only reach me end of january.</p>

<p>don't stress e1 - if you get in ED, they send acceptances to internationals by expedited mail (DHL/FedEx) so that you can get the good news in time. Rejections and deferrals are traditionally sent by snail mail though.</p>

<p>hey, if you've sent your app, write in your top 3 things to love about having sent your app - something fun to do to take away the anxiety of the wait!</p>

<p>I love how everything is now in Fate's hands. I can't do any more.</p>

<p>you guys make me feel so much better.. still working on my app.</p>