Top 5- Best/Worst things about KU

<p>what are your 5 favorite things about KU?
And you the five things you hate most?</p>

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<p>Top 5 in no order:</p>

<p>The people
The sports
The campus
The faculty
The downtown (bars)</p>

<p>Lower 2:</p>

<p>Too many classes taught by undergrad TA's
Campus is kind of spread out</p>

<p>any Q's feel free to PM me i go to KU now</p>

<p>Hello everyone!!</p>

<p>I wanted to ask a few questions. I have an admit from the university of kansas for a PhD in mathematics with full financial assistance. Is kansas a good place to study? Is it a reputed place? Is it a good place for international students?</p>


<p>I received my PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and attended KU because it had one of the best PhD programs in Medicinal Chemistry in the US at that time. I knew that at the time otherwise I would have applied and gone to another University instead. I would have hoped that you have done the same thing. Only you can determine this</p>

<p>Peter 1974</p>

<p>For someone that is looking for a big city feel, but also a fun social scene would you think University of Kansas would be better than University of Arizona??</p>

<p>KU is super close to Kansas City. I'm from the suburbs, so I'm used to "the big city" being so close to me. Remember, though, that KU is in Kansas, and although we don't exactly all appreciate the farm stereotypes, there are many students here whose high school class was less than 50-100 students. There are buses that run from Lawrence to the Kansas City area, and the drive may only take you 30 minutes depending on your style of driving. There's a lot of fun stuff to do here, definitely, and a big Greek system if you're looking into that at Arizona as well as Kansas. It's up to you in the end, though.</p>

<p>The basketball team.</p>