Top 5 CSU in California

<p>What are top 5 CSUs?</p>

<p>Depends on your major. Do you know what you want to study?</p>

<p>Overall ranking:</p>

<li>Cal State Long Beach</li>
<li>Cal State Chico</li>
<li>Cal State Fullerton</li>
<li>Cal State Sacramento</li>
<li>Cal State San Bernardino</li>

<p>Cal Poly SLO is definitely at the top</p>

<p>Biological Sciences</p>

<p>Many of the CSUs are good in biological sciences. But each CSU has its specialty. CSU Monterey Bay, for example, has wonderful marine biology. Humbolt, which doesn’t overall have the greatest reputation, has an excellent environmental science program. Here is a thread which discusses many of the CSUs:</p>

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<p>Not sure where this list came from. But if you want to go by popularity / selectivity / impaction, the five most impacted ones are (in no particular order) San Luis Obispo, Fullerton, Long Beach, San Diego, and San Jose. Others with a relatively higher level of impaction include Pomona, San Francisco, and Sonoma.</p>

<p>Since CSU’s include the Cal Polys</p>

Long Beach
San Diego</p>

<li>Cal Poly SLO - Silicon Valley</li>
<li>San Diego State - Popular, respected, sports</li>
<li>Cal State Long Beach - Most popular of all</li>
<li>Cal State Fullerton - Popular, respected, The OC</li>
<li>San Jose State - Silicon Valley</li>

<p>I think sjsu comes before fullerton…</p>



<p>San Luis Obispo is not in Silicon Valley, although it has a good reputation for engineering.</p>

<p>According to US News
1 Cal Poly SLO
2 SDSU - (ranked in a different category)
3 Long Beach
4 Chico and Fullerton tie.</p>

<p>[Top</a> Public Schools | Rankings | Top Regional Universities (West) | US News](<a href=“]Top”></p>

<p>The list would certainly shift depending on major, and other factors.</p>

<p>SJSU, Sonoma, Pomona, Fresno and Humboldt rate well too. All of these grant respected degrees in a wide variety of feilds. They offer very different student experiences, Fresno, Sonoma and Humboldt might as well be on different planets. </p>

<p>What’s “Best” depends on what matters to you.</p>

<p>1) Cal Maritime
2) Cal Poly SLO
4) Cal Poly Pomona
5) Sonoma State</p>

<p>Cal Maritime #1 ??? Strange…</p>

<p>1) Cal Poly SLO
3) CSULB or CP Pomona
5) Hard to say</p>

<p>Cal Maritime is one of the best schools in the nation in two of the six fields that it offers. It only does a few things, but it does them extremely well. It’s also the only maritime school in the West which means that its graduates (particularly those in facilities engineering and marine transport) are extremely sought after.</p>

<p>“ranking” wise, i would put san diago or san jose in the number #1, i go to fullerton and dont really care.</p>

<p>just curious, according to which ranking is SJSU or SDSU #1?</p>



<p>Agreed. In case no one has looked on a map, SLO is 200 miles / 3 hours drive from San Jose (the “capital of SV”). It’s definitely a good school though.</p>

<p>How’s the ranking for political science or business majors?</p>



<p>Bloomberg’s Businessweek Rankings have Cal Poly Slo’s Orfalea College of Business at #64. There were only two other public universities in California to make the list (UC Berkeley at #11 and UC Riverside at #124).</p>

<p>[The</a> Complete Ranking: Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2013 - Businessweek](<a href=“]The”></p>