Top accounting programs in California in terms of recruiting?

<p>I know as far as Cali is concerned, USC is by far and away top dog. I'm also aware of the accredited schools in business and acct'ing (USC, CSUF, SCU, USCD, SDSU), but not sure where they stand in terms of how hard firms recruit there.</p>

<p>It depends on what you want. If you want Big Four, they recruit from a lot of places. They even recruit from places that don't even have an accounting major (UC Berkeley comes to mind). I know that they recruit from SJSU, Sac State, a little bit at SFSU (which is also AACSB accredited). If you don't want Big Four and you want local firms, go anywhere and get semi-good grades. Obviously, the bigger the name (of the school), the more recruited they are.</p>

<p>Im not familiar with the CA market BUT it is my experience that local firms are even more picky than big 4 firms. </p>

<p>big 4 firms, due to their need, hire almost everywhere. Regional firms will usually only hire at 2-4 schools. Its possible that you end up going somewhere that only the big4 recruit at and maybe only one or two regionals. </p>

<p>so DONT use the criteria of: oh, well big 4 recruit there, so they must be great and have lots of other firms recruiting there. because that is not always the case.</p>