Top Cities for College Graduates

<p>Best</a> Cities for New College Grads: Advice for Jobseekers: Head South - BusinessWeek</p>

<p>My D posted this on her twitter - guess this is my clue that she plans on not coming home after she graduates in '11!!! :)</p>

<p>I was surprised to see so many of the 30 (?) cities are in Ohio - Columbus, Cincy, Cleveland, Dayton - being that my part of Ohio seems so economically down, it's interesting to see that other cities are apparently thriving...</p>

<p>The Denver write-up is a little misleading. There are other Fortune 500 corporations but don't technically have a "Denver" address but are in the 'burbs or cities encompassed by the Denver Tech Center.</p>

<p>The federal government is hiring--both in DC & the communities where they have employees. As often is the case, too many applicants for the number of jobs. Some of the engineers who graduated with my S got federal jobs, others got jobs in CA & elsewhere.</p>