Top College Fundraisers Last Year

<p>Top National Universities and the amounts raised last year:
Stanford U. -- $832.4 million
Harvard U. -- $614 milliom
USC -- $469.7 million
Johns Hopkins U. -- $430.5 million
Columbia U. -- $423.9 million</p>

<p>Top Liberal Arts Colleges and the amounts raised last year:
Hillsdale College -- $65.8 million
Colgate U. -- $65.2 million
Wellesley College -- $64.2 million
Middlebury College -- $58.6 million
Skidmore College -- $56.8 million</p>

<p></a> U.S.</p>

<p>Yeah, like those schools really need the money...although I admire Stanford for their new program that gives scholarships to anyone under 60k (or something like that) annual income who can get accepted.</p>

<p>In other late-breaking news Bush defeats Kerry for second term..</p>

<p>hehe. didn't see the date on that. saw it posted on someone's blog.</p>