Top college in America for 50 different rankings

"… Stacker used rankings and categories from Niche’s 2021 Best Colleges in America list, as well as rankings from past Stacker college stories, to compile a list of the top schools for 50 different metrics. These metrics range from student population (such as best HBCU) to academics (such as the best school for studying education). While there are a few repeat appearances, no single school appears more than five times.

From the schools that offer the most bang for the buck to the most highly selective and ferociously competitive institutions on earth, there’s truly something for everyone when it comes to higher education in the United States. Keep reading to learn which schools earned top billing in the 50 categories that separate one great college or university from another, depending on which student you ask." …

Great pictures.

I love how they list UCLA as the best campus and have a photo of a campus gate showing a sign: USC

Oops ?

“Best college near the beach: Stanford University” – guess it depends on what “near the beach” means.

“Most liberal: American University” – if they mean left-wing, it seems that there are other colleges more commonly mentioned here with that image.

“Most conservative: BYU Idaho” – there may be other conservative religious colleges that compete for that title.

“Best Christian college: Duke University” – does anyone think of Duke when looking for a Christian college (or seeking to avoid a religious college)?


“Great pictures” … yes, that’s pretty much all prospective students should take away from these rankings (assuming the pictures even match the schools listed, as someone noted above).

I know you’re a “CC Admissions Expert”, and need to maintain engagement, but It’s not like there’s a dearth of threads going on at the moment.

Duke is officially non-denominational. I guess everyone’s trying to make money off of the rankings game. :lol:

[quote=“ucbalumnus, post:3, topic:2104396”]

“Best college near the beach: Stanford University” – guess it depends on what “near the beach” means.

Yes, it takes close to an hour to get to the beach at Half Moon Bay, and even then the water is freezing cold and full of Great Whites.

Anyone ever heard of UCSB or UCSD?

Because fine arts, humanities, and social sciences are a meaningless waste of time, as are any sciences which are not studied 100% inside a laboratory.

Let the HYPSM rage commence

Because nothing makes life as a student a great as living in a relatively high crime and high rent area!

I’ll just leave this here

Take THAT, Vanderbilt!

The soft sounds of Boston sobbing in the distance

I guess that somebody REALLY hates U Chicago and Northwestern…

As opposed to the much worse location of NYU…

Because compared to University of Colorado, Stanford is “near the beach”.

At least according to the 12 veterans who are actually enrolled.

One statistic: 6.1% from the bottom 20% by income.

Because teaching women their place in life starts by teaching them that their school is a second class version of Columbia.

Achieved by including the international students as “ethnicity”.

Notre Dame laughs in Irish.

Because they evidently do not know the meaning of the word “liberal”.

Because they do not know the meaning of the word “Christian” either.

Yeshiva University is quoted as saying “and what are we, chopped liver?”.

Harvard gets prepared to sue.

Now they’re pushing it.

At this point I guess they stopped even trying

To continue @MWolf 's post:

“Uses data from Niche”…that makes sense. :lol:

“Best College on the West Coast: Stanford University”…Yes, Stanford’s the best overall, but Caltech’s better for the sciences esp. engineering, USC for film, and UCB’s on-par for CS.

“Best College Location: the New School”…I only know this from Friends lol, but is Columbia & Manhattan not good enough?

“Best college for outdoor activities: Montana State University”…Santa Barbara or San Diego any day.

“Best College athletics…UF”…Uh, no.

“Best college with no application fee…Carleton”…there are other colleges with no application fee, most notably UChicago, as long as you’re willing to fill out their free financial aid supplement instead of paying for the CSS Profile.

“Best fully online college…Everglades University”…University of Phoenix and Devry are crying here.

We take 84 to San Gregorio Beach. Takes about 35-40 minutes on a Saturday morning around 8 AM. :grimace:

I highly recommend Alice’s Restaurant, which is on the route.

Hysterical… Nice job… Lol

Best Public College - Michigan!

Seems like a great ranking system… Go Blue… ??

Why doesn’t Brown merit a title? :cry: Maybe: “Students least likely to take a math class?” :lol:

@MWolf “Best professors: Yale”

Harvard: Surprisedpikachu.gif

It was low hanging fruit for me. :wink:

They missed a category.

Best campus for surfing: UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus

Believe it or not, you can major in business, economics, English, history, philosophy, or political science at Caltech: . But hardly anyone does: .

UCSB says hi:

35-40 Seconds (vs Minutes) to the beach at rush hour.

Reports of rioting in Columbus, OH.

I almost stopped reading as a soon as a I read they were using Niche’s ratings. But I would have missed the great replies.

Is “more students = better school” an HBCU-specific rule I’ve missed after all these years?