Top CSU's for Computer Science?

<p>Pretty easy question. What are the top 5 CSU's in regards to their Computer Science Program?</p>

<p>So far im planning to go to Cal Poly Pomona for CompSci but I would really like to go to a UC..
I may instead go to a JC and transfer to one.</p>

<p>Cal Poly SLO and Cal Poly Pomona are the top computer science/computer engineering schools. You'll get plenty of hands-on experience at either one. You'll also have lots of (paid) summer internship opportunities, and the demand for CS grads from both schools is very high.</p>

<p>What is it about a UC that you feel is preferable than CPP?</p>

<p>Cal Poly SLO outranks Pomona and their facilities are nicer. They have a lot more hands on projects and internship opportunities. Then I'd say Pomona and SJSU. I know of all CSU the top two are Cal Poly and SDSU, but I know SDSU isn't as highly regarded in the sciences as CP. </p>

<p>With UC's, Cal then LA. Santa Ana has the highest transfer rate to those two. It's cheaper and gets all your basics out of the way, then you can upgrade to Cal or LA for your BS. I can see your point, there is more prestige going to a UC, and the network is great but I'd say CP SLO is up there too.</p>

<p>Actually the CCC with the highest transfer rate to UCLA is Santa Monica College.</p>

<p>Cal Poly
CSU Bakersfield
And uh..maybe CSU Fullerton ?</p>



<p>For CS, lower division curriculum differences may make it hard to find all of the lower division courses at community colleges, especially if transferring to Berkeley. Of the five CS and EE lower division courses, only one (CS 61B) is really findable in most places; even then, it may take quite a bit of searching on Welcome</a> to ASSIST to find it at a community college. Two others (CS 61A and CS 61C) each appear to be available at one community college each (not the same one).</p>

<p>UCLA CS is somewhat easier to find community colleges that have articulation for three or four of the five lower division CS courses. Santa Monica has four, including the rarest one (CS M51A); the missing one at Santa Monica (CS 33) can be found at other nearby community colleges.</p>

<p>LaxKidd, on what basis do you claim SLO has more hands on classes and internship opportunities than pomona? </p>

<p>think about this statement. SLO is a smaller university and both are polytechnics. so how can SLO have MORE classes? secondly, SLO is located near no major cities, meaning students on the central coast cannot commute to LA or SF for internships. pomona is a half hour to the downtown of the second largest market in the nation.</p>

<p>do you think pomona students are sitting in their dorm rooms and not working? come on....SLO is higher ranked, but don't stretch the truth.</p>