top FEMBAs

<p>i realize some top bschools like kellogg, uchicago, haas, stern, anderson, marshall, etc. have fully-employed MBA programs. i'm wondering how these are viewed by employers. </p>

<p>are they as prestigious as their full-time counterparts? if not, then where would they rank (e.g. maybe kellogg FEMBA = anderson MBA.... i dunno, random uneducated example) </p>

<p>are the students of similar enough caliber and work experience (besides in terms of GMAT scores)? do FEMBA students have decent opportunities to get jobs of similar caliber and salary as their full-time counterparts? </p>


<p>The degrees should be the same. I can't speak for every FEMBA but Anderson gives you the exact same degree. Further, you take the same classes and share the same professors. I think all top schools know this so they won't cheapen your education. HOWEVER, a FEMBA is not the same...</p>

<p>There is very little or no career services department. Why would there be, you already work. Further, I know of one Anderson FEMBA who wanted to switch from IT to Marketing but had a hard time. This is one example, but I think career switching might be harder with a FEMBA. </p>

<p>Lastly, the b-school experience. As much as Anderson's FEMBA tried to pursaude me it was the same, it wasn't. Clubs, activities, and other leadership positions are left mainly for the MBAs. EMBA and FEMBA students are welcome to participate or lead clubs but it would be difficult especially since many clubs meet during the weekdays. </p>

<p>Employers will also know if you did Full or Part-time because they can see how many years it took you to get an MBA. I don't think they should care that much and I don't know what the ethics are to asking such a question during an interview but in the end, yes the degrees are the same at Anderson.</p>