Top MBA Program

<p>I am currently trying to decide between Vanderbilt and USC for my undergraduate degree. At this point I am still undecided about whether I want to go to business school or go to law school, but I decided to post on here just to get a little feedback. While I know it is too early to start thinking about business school, I was wondering whcih one of these options will give me a better chance of getting into a top business school (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale) (and of course with high stats, GMAT and GPA). Also, on a side not I was recenlty admitted into a special program at USC Marshall with the business side of the entertainment industry (Business and Cinematic Arts program). I understand that Vanderbilt does not have a business program but would majoring in economics somehow compensate? Also, I was wondering if USC Marshall was a feeder school for some of the top business schools and how many people from Marshall go on to these business schools.</p>