top music major colleges (classical vocals)?

<p>D is a junior this year, so time to start.....this question has been asked and answered, but it looks like these were several years ago and I would like more up to date info...</p>

<p>She is a phenomenal vocalist with hopes of an opera future, and we need to start making a list and getting some input on said list...</p>

<p>there is also the liberal arts undergrad vs conservatory question...would love to know what others have discovered...</p>

<p>Take this discussion to the Music Majors section here at CC. Just click on Discussion Home on the upper left side of this page, and look for the link. You'll get some excellent advice from posters who really seem to know their stuff. Of all the thread sites here on CC, it seems to me that posters in the fine arts areas are the most knowledgeable about existing programs. Best of luck to you and D.</p>

<p>Agree that you will get a better answer in the Music Majors section. My daughter was a vocal performance major. She auditioned at a number of colleges and conservatories and we urged her (and she agreed) to go to a university rather than a conservatory. She graduated from Rice in 2007. Rice was her first choice due to the size of the program and the strength of the voice faculty (plus opportunities for undergrads). It is a conservatory level music school. She also said she would have been happy at IU, which is a much larger program but also a wonderful university. (her best friend went there as a music major and stayed to do a Master's). My daughter was also admitted to CIM (dual with Case Western), NEC, Oberlin and BU. Admission to these programs is very competitive and sometimes they are only taking about 5 vocalists in the smaller programs.</p>

<p>I will have to learn how to find my way on this vast sea of info.....appreciate the direction and the info on the schools!</p>