top research schools in engineering field??

<p>hey guys what are some of the top research schools in the nation in their engineering field that i can get into with these act and gpa and ec's? i want hands on experience along with a good education.</p>

<p>27 act ( 35math, 29science, 26eng, 16 reading, and 11/12 essay) i might improve it to like a 29 or 30 possibly</p>

<p>i have only lived in the us for 6 yrs ( hopefully that will explain my ACT reading and english....)</p>

<p>taking 2 sat 2 subject test and aiming for 2 800 in chem and math 2</p>

<p>gpa 3.973 uw, class rank top 5%</p>

<p>5 ap classes, 4 scores of 5s in chem, bio,us hist, and euro and 1 score of 4 in stats</p>

<p>senior transcript with ap calc, ap physics, ap gov, and ap econ, and honors mentor connection</p>

captain of robotics team 3 yrs, head of electronics department 3 yrs, team driver 3 yrs
varsity track 1 yr, athlete of the meet 1 yr, top triple jumper
soccer 1yr, most improved player
swimming 1yr
member of NHS 2 yrs, top tutor for math and science and ap courses
member of link crew 2 yrs
volunteered for boyscout and at homeless shelters.</p>

3 yrs of academic letters with high honor roll
french honor society
american legion school award winner
and a few more...</p>