Top schools for a 2nd bachelors in EE

Hi everyone, first post here =]

For a variety of reasons, I’m looking at reapplying for undergraduate admission to earn a 2nd bachelors in EE (or ECE). From the research that I’ve done, it seems like many top schools including all Ivies and comparable private schools, as well as all the UCs, don’t allow second bachelors degrees.

Currently I have the following schools on my list:

Georgia Tech
Ohio State

These schools seem to have strong reputations in engineering, while still welcoming 2nd degree applicants. I’m looking for more schools that would be a good fit - it’s hard to do a comprehensive search using such specific criteria, so I’m hoping the collective knowledge on this board will be helpful here haha. Any opinions on the schools that I’m already looking at would be great as well.

I previously completed a double major in math and economics at a top 20 school with a high gpa, so I should be a competitive applicant at most universities. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated, so thanks in advance!!

Did you ever decide on a school? I ask because I’m looking at going back and getting my BSEE. I was an EE major for like two semesters. I should have stuck with it. Ugh.

But yeah, dude, I’m looking to go back as well. I’d like to hear about your school search. :slight_smile:

What schools did you apply to?

Hey man,

I ended up applying to UT-Austin and Georgia Tech - waiting to hear back right now. Good luck with your search!

Right on, right on. Georgia Tech and Texas are both good schools. I’m sure you’ll do fine at both places.

I’m just beginning my journey. :smiley: I’m somewhat debt averse. I managed to get through undergrad without any debt and I’d like to do my BSEE the same way. I’m not sure that’s going to be possible this time around, though. At any rate, I’d like to minimize the costs involved.

I was really interested in Florida, but I discovered that they will not admit second bachelor degree seekers.

I’m almost thinking about going back to my alma mater, at least for a few courses. It has a decent engineering school and being that I’d be an in-state student it would help keep costs down. I’m also really late in the admissions game for the fall semester. I’ll probably go and visit someone in the E School and chat them up.

I’ll keep you posted on my school search as it happens. :slight_smile: