Top Schools w/o SAT/ACT requirement

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>Im an Econ/Business major (depends on the school) and I currently attend a CCC here in SoCal. I have a 4.0 GPA thus far and have decided to set my sights quite high when applying to schools this year. So my question is, what TOP tier schools (top 25) do not require or make SAT/ACT scores optional as i have never taken the exams. I suppose it is now too late for me to take them as I am entering my 2nd year of college.</p>

<p>I know about USC and Cornell but other than that, I have know idea on where I could apply.
Keep in mind I will be transferring with 60 units.</p>

<p>Thanks Guys</p>

<p>UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.</p>

<p>There are many old posts on this topic, if you search for them. I think Brown might be SAT optional if you haven't taken it. Also, it is possible to take the SAT as a student already in college, but colleges would, naturally, see the date you took the test.</p>