top ten percent scholarship

<p>I'm a transfer student who got the top ten percent scholarship last year at CC and was wondering if anyone knew about the status of the scholarship availability? I heard that the funds are less than before and since my efc wasnt 0...maybe they ran out of funds?
Idk, can someone who knows more about this please let me know? Ill call on monday and hopefully they're not too busy..</p>


<p>Some people have been receiving the scholarship.</p>

<p>I'm also a transfer student.. i called and asked about this and they told me the only thing i could do to speed up the process was send in a copy of my financial aid from where i transferred from. I sent it in a copy already. im hoping to see some changes this week</p>

<p>Speed up the process? Does this mean that we'll get it at some point?</p>

<p>I'm an incoming freshman, and I got it. Mine came in about a week ago, but they said that for some, it could take a lot longer. My EFC was roughly $7,000 out of $20,000, so it's not only for those whose EFC is 0.</p>

<p>Im an incoming freshman and I still haven't got it. I graduated 1st in class and had an EFC of $1,100. I guess i might not get it since i have the tuition exemption for my first 2 semesters for being valedictorian. But i cant renew that like you can with the top 10% scholarship. So it hardly seems fair...</p>

<p>PsychoHippie, I am also a valedictorian and I received the top ten percent scholarship.</p>

<p>Chemistry, do you think I should call the financial aid office tomorrow or should I just wait it out and see if it pops up? When did you receive yours?</p>

<p>You should call just to make sure. I got mine on July 28.</p>

<p>Ok, so I called the financial aid office earlier, and got everything worked out. I was stuck on hold for 30 minutes though lol. But the woman who I spoke to awarded me the scholarship and another grant. My financial aid jumped up from $5,700 a semester to $7,500. So if anybody else who's supposed to get hasn't recieved it yet, you should call.</p>

<p>So I called again today and they said that transfers won't see changes until mid august before school starts...</p>

<p>rawr123, I sent in my financial aid letter from last year as proof a while back and I still haven't seen changes on my financial aid. Have you?</p>

<p>Yeah I have. Only cause I think they got tired of me calling lol... But they took away part of another grant. Around 1600 to be exact so I wasnt too happy with that seeing as there's a huge loan that could've been changed instead. It's really not fair, I met all the requirements for renewal of Texas grant and top ten but they put priority on freshmen and current students. They told me transfers may see changes as far as the twelfth day of class. After which you cant change your loan amounts or funds are gone.. Good luck getting it though! Just call and don't let them just tell you to wait. they can award you while on the phone with them</p>

<p>i called today and they said my counselors are still reviewing mine along with many others so they don't know exactly when/if I'll get it. Agh! Thats great you all have gotten it though! rawr123 congrats on bugging them successfuly! I suppose I should call again later or tomorrow?</p>

<p>Yeah, call again with some random excuse. That's what I did... Hope you get your top ten scholarship though!</p>