Top undergrad b-school from the list??

<p>What is the best business school for undergrads out of Wake Forest, UMiami, Boston U, and Syracuse? I am looking to go into investment banking, so prestige will most likely play a big role in my jobs? How would one rank in order of prestige/undergrad options?</p>

<p>It's pretty easily Wake Forest, and I don't just say that because I go there. I have experienced UMiami's biz school personally and it is a complete joke compared to WFU's. The other two are good, just not as prestigious as WFUs. Note you will also most likely get the lowest GPA at Wake</p>

<p>Wake Forest for business.</p>

<p>Syracuse is a great school for communications and both UMiami and Boston U are great schools entirely, but for business I would say Wake without a doubt. </p>

<p>Calloway is a renowned undergraduate business school.</p>

<p>Wake has a great B school with high placements and a good starting median salary.</p>